Work experiences

Apr 2021 – Present
Creative Director
Wunderman Thompson Prague

Jul 2017 – Mar 2021
Digital Art Director
Wunderman Thompson Prague

Jun 2014 – Jun 2017
Senior Digital Designer
Wunderman Prague

Mar 2014 – May 2014
Digital Designer
Wunderman Prague

Dec 2008 – Feb 2014
Freelance Graphic Designer
Self Employed

Sep 2008 – Nov 2008
Digital Designer
Summit Media

Jan 2008 – Mar 2008
Digital Designer

Jan 2003 – Dec 2007
Freelance Graphic Designer and Web Developer
Self Employed

Software skills
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Animate
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Adobe XD

Programming knowledge


There are several very fast designers in the team, but Jan is just another level. His speed and efficiency are off the charts. He’s very skilled with all the many graphic programs used here and quite experienced, with overlap to coding, so he was quickly promoted to Senior Designer doing all the most-complex work. Once the position became available, he was appointed to the Art Director position. In our production the Art Director also oversees and approves every single output, so Jan’s speed and expertise have a huge impact on the efficiency of the whole team. He’s very driven, communicative, pro-active and always willing to help the designers with tips on how to do something. He has natural authority and he’s able to communicate any feedback clearly. As Art Director he’s also meant to help the Team Lead with the more technical aspects of the campaigns. He does that, but he also goes out of his way to help me and the team with anything else he sees is needed. I’m deeply grateful for all his help with the Team Lead agenda when I needed it – communication with the project managers and clients, work traffic and making sure everyone will manage to deliver within deadlines, even reporting office issues to back office, planning out-of-work activities and many more.

Martina Schusterová
Creative Team Lead, Wunderman Prague
June 11, 2019

Jan and me were working together more than 4 years. When he started in Wunderman in our Media Production Team (digital services: online banners, e-mailings, both static and animated visuals for website, etc.) he was already experienced from his previous jobs and own business. Among the strengths of Jan are activeness, efficiency, speediness as well as wide range of knowledge and experience from various tools and software for design, animation, website, code, video etc. Every of his move with mouse or tablet´s e-pen, every keyboard shortcut he used, was the fastest way to the correct result. Especially this kind of skill was remarkable. Jan is a challenger and there is nothing he is worry about. These all lead to the fact that he was appointed to be designer for non-scope projects such as build and creation of a microsite. Jan was responsible for the front-end and was an equal partner for a project manager as well as a developer. In the same time, he was promoted to Senior Designer, it means he usually gotten masterbanners creation, he was right hand of art directors and helped to develop and learn other colleagues within the team. Jan is straight, able to communicate negative feedback to his colleague, learn from his own mistakes and open to share his knowledge and experience with the team able to work independently as well as in the team. Thanks to it he prepared various trainings and presentations for the team or individuals, he presented in both in Czech and in English. Furthermore, colleagues were growing under his leadership. Later he naturally became a respected Digital Art Director able to help and cover Team Lead. Besides his valuable technical skills and feeling for design he helped the team to stick together. He organized leisure-time activities (bowling i. e.), came with an idea of speedfeedbacking within the team, cared about the workplace environment, always willing to help to others. Jan is a social, positive and kind-hearted character with a sense of justice.

Jan Louda
Manager, Media Production Team, Wunderman Prague
April 24, 2019